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My name is DJ. I'm a feminist auto enthusiast who can change oil better than any man can, and I can do it in heels, dress, and a lack of gender.

I also make music.

So! Three Thousand posts that I’ve made.

That’s kind of a big milestone for me. I honestly didn’t think I’d make a hundred before abandoning tumblr for good.

As thank-you card to hutcherstuff, Kacky, sharky, thunder, and caoilinn for basically being my first five blogs to follow, I made my first 99% chiptune song [i say 99% because it was made in an emulation VST, not from a console soundchip]. Link to download it is here. 

If it weren’t for you guys, I wouldn’t have gotten into the MLP fandom and thus tumblr as much as I have. You guys probably saved my life, considering I was extremely lonely and sorta lost all hope for myself when I decided to follow you guys.

I love you all so much.

Posted: Tuesday 18th September at 2:19pm
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